I. Cooperators
    1. Lawrence Mello
    2. Sharon Butler

II. Pastoral Council
    1. Paula Fuller - Chairperson
    2. Leonard Brown - Vice
    3. Lynette Richardson - Secretary

III. Finance Council
    1. Marvin J. Chambers - Chairperson

Music Ministry
        Kenyatta Hardison - Minister of Music

            Sunrise Choir 
             Evelyn Bowman - Director
             Harriett Brown - President
             Theresa Boseman - Secretary

            Men's Choir 
             Jack Taylor - President

            Gospel choir
             Vivian Butler - President

            Youth choir

Women's / Praise Ensemble

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Eucharist
        Celestine Kellam - Coordinator

       Janet Wiggins - Chair
      Michelle Wiggins - Co-chair

Hospitality Ministry
      Suzonne Vickers - President
      James Williams - Vice President


Youth Ministry
     Vivian Price-Butler - Advisor
     Kenny Orsot - President

St. Vincent De-Paul
     Gracie Ferguson - Coordinator
Catholic Daughters of America
    Valerie Grays - Regent
    Wy Chambers - Vice Regent
    Kim Grays - JCDA Chair person

Knights of Peter Claver Auxiliaries
    Renee Terry - Grand Lady
    Laurentia Strawder - V. Grand Lady
   Paula Fuller - Recording Sec.
    Cleveland Cosom - Grand Knight

Holy Name Society

Lady Sodality
    Mable Smith - V. Prefect
    Theresa Butler - Secretary
    Celestial Drake - Treasurer

Legion of Mary
    Gwen Williams - Vice President
    Catherine Gray - Secretary

    Dorothy M. Mello - President
    Pauline C. Hargrove - Vice President

Dance Group
    Christina Taylor - Director

New Horizons of Men/Women, Ashanti, Squires
    Howard Kane - President
    Stacey Samuels - Ashanti leader

Faith Builders

Maintenance Committee
    Allan Wiggins
    Howard ken
    Samuel Butler

Ministries and Officers
Organization / Groups
Religious Education

Joslyn Alexander - Director

Parish Council Members